Things sure are slowing down a lot lately, that's because of my business taking more time by the day.

Anyway I'm still modding C2 almost everyday, yet I never experienced so much bugs and errors than this week. I ported the C1 Sumo arena to BBQ and wanted to keep the textures unfiltered so put the MAT and PIX files within the REG folder. I spent two days to discover that for absolutely no apparent reason three textures were the cause of an error message I never saw before and then didn't stop occuring: "DataFileStack type mismatch, wanted 3, got 3". I swear I checked and tested everything. Finaly I simply kept these three textures within the track folder, they'll be filtered.

Then I did a lot of betatesting to try to see why the three Cameron cars included in BBQ were crashing the game. First thing was the bbox. The three of them were too complicated and most probably a bit concave here and there. But then the game kept on shouting two kind of messages: "Physics error type #" (type 9 and 16 were the most recurring ones) and "Net contents too big" or similar. I tried cleaning the wam but that wasn't enough. So I replaced the three cars with three other ones...

While porting the C1 Sumo arena I noticed one very interesting thing: at the end of a track textfile the number just before the textfile name is always 1. Well this number is actually a Yon multiplier! Put 2 and you'll increase the drawing distance by two, put 0.5 and it will shorten the drawing distance to its half.
Now that I think of it, Harmalarm noticed another thing .It's possible the set sfx volumes so that they change the sky to a certain color. I knew this and wanted to use that effect in my Mayan Mayhem C2 port but for some reason it didn't work. Harm pointed me later that the depth cue mode must be set on "colour" in order to get this effect to work.

Right now I'm still working on BBQ, and will maybe quickly port some models to C1. I still have a lot of stuff to do for both C1 and C2 and they'll be done one at a time. etc.